baby rat

Rattie swap with True North Rattery!

black eyed marten dumbo rex rat

Off to TNR

This little girl was picked up today!

This little one is going to be a breeder at True North Rattery! She is a black eyed marten dumbo rex, with berkshire markings. Combined with TNR's marbles and my Martens (originally from PPP [Pixie's Pocket Pets]) we are hoping to produce some marble martens within the year! Very excited! 

Hebrides' Babies have been born!

12 little ones were born on December 12/16. Hebrides is doing a fantastic job taking care of her little ones! Progress pictures are to come. 

Baby rats -  2 days old -  dumbos

Baby rats -  2 days old -  dumbos

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Visited True North Rattery Today!

As many of you know I am working with TNR on a few different lines including marble and silvermanes! I went to visit to see their new litter of babies today and took some adorable pictures! 

Our little silver agouti girl went to her new home today!

Going to miss this sweet little girl like crazy ❤️


Lil silver agouti marten baby,  the runt of the litter

Lil silver agouti marten baby,  the runt of the litter

Thanks again to the adopters for giving their ratties such an amazing home!