Pico - Currently available - Female Standard American Blue Marble - Down Under

Currently available!! Must go to a home that already has female rats.

Pico - Female Standard American Blue Marble - Down Under

American Blue Marble
Black eyes
Standard fur
Standard ears
DU markings

ID: RET01600

From the Nimh x Reep Litter

Born April 23, 2016

Baby pictures can be seen here.
A video of her and her adorable little smooshable face can be seen here.

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Four boys found their new homes today!!

My himalayan boy, RE marten boy, BE marten boy and black marble boy all found their homes today. They will be joining their new brother, a sweet little black fancy rattie at their new home! They are currently living in luxury in their nice new decked out cage.

Thank you to the adopter for giving these lovely boys homes and for sending me picture updates <3 I love pictures!! 

black eyed marten dumbo rat
red eyed marten dumbo rat, black eyed marten dumbo rat and himalayan rat
red eyed marten dumbo
black eyed marten dumbo rat

Visited True North Rattery Today!

As many of you know I am working with TNR on a few different lines including marble and silvermanes! I went to visit to see their new litter of babies today and took some adorable pictures! 

Tabby The Marble Rat

Photoshoot with Tabby tonight! I am loving how gorgeous marbling is. 

Tabby was from the Reep x Nimh litter and is a bit shy and skittish, though of course he is just coming out of his "terrible twos" and is becoming a bit more relaxed for his age! He is such a pretty little boy and has the most adorable face. He is starting to look a bit like a calico cat.