Loving, Playful, Healthy, Friendly

I have travelled far and wide to bring back the healthiest, friendliest rats so your new pets are the best to be found. 
Each of my breeders is carefully selected to be sure that babies inherit their fantastic traits.
Each pup has a temperament guarantee, each baby will be social and friendly and ready to bond with their new housemates!


I am here to answer all of your rat-related questions.


To make your time owning rats easy and fun I have put together an information page with almost everything you need to know about rats and am ready to answer any of your questions at any time.

Not an Adopter?

Not a problem.

If you are not an adopter but have questions regarding your own rats that you adopted elsewhere or just have a question about rats in general, feel free to message me. 




The Rat Room

A clean and comfortable home for your rats

Before my rats leave to your home, they are treated as my own pets here in the rattery. Each baby will be doted upon and spoiled in large, fully equipped critter nation cages.

 The Rat Room

The Rat Room

Cleanliness and Health

clean quarters and health go hand in hand

The rat room is thoroughly cleaned every 3-4 days to ensure that your rats are living in the cleanest and coziest of residences.

 Little babies just a few days old.

Little babies just a few days old.

See your rats grow

pictures from their birthday onwards

With photoshoots almost daily you will be able to see your ratties grow up. They grow up so quickly so it is really interesting to see their progress! Videos are also made so you can get to know their personalities before pickup time.

 Different Varieties

Different Varieties

Varieties available

i am working with a few different lines

The varieties I am currently working with include marble,  black eyed siamese, marten and silvermane in standard and dwarf. Other varieties appear in my rattery as I work with these lines which will appear on my page in the availability section.

Easy and Informative


My steps to adoption make sure that each adopter is educated and ready to bring home their new friend. 

Through my adoption questionnaire you will be able to ask any questions you have and get fast, complete responses.

If you are a first time adopter,

and you want to know if rats are the right pet for you, follow the link below to learn about rats and what you need to care for them.