Sable Rats

I've already made a post like this, but I am more excited now than ever watching my sable bebe grow up to be working with the sable variety. I am absolutely in love with these beautiful babies, their conformation is absolutely gorgeous (meaning good head shape, ear shape, nose, back and tail shape, etc).

When I first started breeding, I tried to dive head first into it. I messaged the biggest breeders in the area including Atlantis Rattery and Rambling Rats looking for rats, and dreamed of huge set ups and hundreds of rats and many generation pedigrees before I even knew what a siamese rat was. When I discovered siamese, I fell in love. One of my first siamese rats was a dumbo velveteen named Curly Fry, and she was one of the best rats I have ever had. Soon after, I discovered that black eyed siamese rats existed. The excitement I felt then!!! The things I was learning! I joined a group to look for black eyed siamese rats of my own and started to research the gene and look into the breeders that had black eyed siamese rats. In my search, I stumbled upon sable.

If you can imagine my excitement at discovering what a siamese rat was, discovering a sable was tenfold. Sable rats were some of the most beautiful rats I had ever seen, and honestly because of how gorgeous they were I assumed that they were unattainable. I saw them as a dream, maybe far in the future I would have the gene.

A couple years later and here I am, with beautiful sable babies in the rattery, from one of the breeders I had always dreamed of working with, Rambling Rats. They are just as stunning in person as they were in the pictures I had seen so long ago. 

My dreams have truly come true with rat breeding! 

Below you can see Truffle, my first sable breeder boy, he is an unmarked sable dumbo rat and he has the silliest temperament. He is so excitable, but also very sweet and cuddly. I can't wait to get home to see him, and am so excited to make future pairings with sable babies! I am hoping for my next sable litter to be planned, paired and born in the next 4 months.

Huge shoutout to all the breeders who have helped me out along my journey and helped me find and be able to breed the rats that at one time I could only dream of seeing in person. <3