An update on Pippin and El Mist's litter!

Babies were born to Pippin (a mink dumbo berkshire girl) and El Mist (a BE marten dumbo boy) while I was away on July 16, 2017! When I got back they were just about to open their eyes. 

Little ones from this litter will be available for reservation in around 2-3 weeks time!

In this litter we have: 
RET02601 - male black dumbo, self
RET02602 - male black dumbo rex, berkshire
RET02603 - male black dumbo, berkshire
RET02604 - male BE marten dumbo, unmarked
RET02605 - male black dumbo, berkshire
RET02606 - male black dumbo, berkshire
RET02607 - male RE marten dumbo, berkshire
RET02608 - male black dumbo rex, self

RET02609 - female BE marten dumbo rex, berkshire
RET02610 - female BE marten dumbo rex, berkshire
RET02611 - female black dumbo rex, berkshire
RET02612 - female black dumbo, berkshire
RET02613 - female RE marten, unmarked
RET02614 - female black dumbo, berkshire

Note that these babies are not yet available for reservation, please follow this link to see currently available rats:

More photos of this litter can be seen here:

Adoption vs Sales

Hello everyone! Something I would like to address that has been on my mind as of late is the difference between adoption and sales, and what it means to adopt a pet vs to buy a pet. 

Lets start with dictionary definitions!
Adoption To become the owner or caretaker of (a pet, especially one from a shelter).
Selling - Give or hand over (something) in exchange for money.

When my ratties leave my home, I would refer to this process as adoption as I am handing over responsibility for my pet to a new home. Indeed an adoption fee is charged for this pet, and many feel as though this constitutes a "sale". Due to the fact that my pets are not "things" or "items", I do not like to refer to any of my adoptions as a strict "sale" of my pet. These ratties are not "things to sell" to me, they are indeed my own pets, and I am not looking to make money off of my pets, I am looking to find them happy homes, homes where adopters can benefit from having a well bred rattie! 

Many have said to me that the term "adoption" only applies to when one takes home a pet free of any cost. They often reference shelter pets as an example of true "adoption", however shelters ALWAYS charge adoption fees for their pets. 

Overall, I do recognize that some may want me to discard the word "adoption" as my pets have adoption fees, and are intentionally bred to be adopted out (or "sold") as some would say. Personally, because these rats are my pets, my little loves, and because every adoption fee will go right back into their care, I will continue to use the word "adoption" when my babies go to new homes. My rats are not items to be sold, they are little friends looking to bring joy to new homes. 

Thank you for your time, give all of your ratties some kisses for me! <3 sending love! 

Two boys available for adoption!



This beautiful boy is now looking for his new home with his brother Gentleboy!







silvermane dumbo rat


These two lovely boys are ready for a new home at any time! 

Unfortunately these two boys had to be returned to the Rat Emporium as their previous owner developed some pretty severe allergies. They are looking for new homes as soon as possible, and are now up for adoption (May 16, 2017). They have been treated with Revolution and treated with Baytril for some grunting that Gentleboy was having. 

If you are interested in adopting these boys please let me know! 

To see current availability please follow this link:

For those looking to adopt from my Harley line in the future

Harley's have a few main issues that are known to their lines, including aggression, lactation issues and skin issues. 

My Harley rats have been adopted from GBR and she has informed me that there are no aggression or lactation issues in her line, but the Harley's do have skin flareups after their first moult and during pregnancy.

Due to this, when you bring your Harley baby home, you may notice that their skin is delicate and prone to scratching and scabbing. The best way known to help out with this is to coat their skin with coconut oil, and to add fish oil supplements to their diet. Much like a naked rat, this will help their skin stay moisturized and strong when they are young. 

This issue, according to GBR, should fade a few weeks after the first moult and is nothing to worry about. Just be aware that your harley baby may require some extra care post moult!