A long overdue update!

I left my blog on quite the cliffhanger!

Firstly I'd like to announce (as many of you have already seen) that only 3 accidental litters were born in my rattery and I was lucky enough to have 3 very healthy mamas with litters totalling 17 little bouncy sweet babies.

The mums have been excellent with the little ones, and I could not have asked for more bright eyed adorable little ones. I would like to again thank everyone who offered their assistance if 6 litters had indeed been born, as I have messaged each of you, I am so thankful and so glad that there are so many members of our lovely community that are ready to help these little ones out if they ever need it.

Moving forward, the 17 babies have grown past 4 weeks of age now and will be ready for adoption quite soon! I am preparing to post them on my availability page.

Here are some adorable pics from the most recent litter! 

Available rats from Kitten x Daniel's litter

This litter was born on Sept. 19, 2017 to Kitten (RR0001) x Daniel (RET01507). All rats have an adoption fee of $50.

Daze, the official start of my lazy line.

Daze, the official start of my lazy line.

If her traits pass on and my plans continue as I hope they will, she will be the beginning of an extremely lazy line of lap rats that will be great for children and people with disabilities like myself that are looking for a low maintenance pet that loves to be held and just sits still most of the time!