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Hebrides' Babies have been born!

12 little ones were born on December 12/16. Hebrides is doing a fantastic job taking care of her little ones! Progress pictures are to come. 

Baby rats -  2 days old -  dumbos

Baby rats -  2 days old -  dumbos

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My Adoption Fees

Just wanted to make a post describing why my adoption fees are in place and why different rats have different fees.

Firstly I would love to mention that though some of my rats have high adoption fees the Rat Emporium is still a not-for-profit rattery. All the money that comes from adoption fees goes back into the care of the rats whether this is towards food, new toys, new cleaning supplies, cages, breeder rats, health care etc. If I have extra money gathered from adoption fees that isn't spent on these items immediately it will be stored away for when the rats need new items or care in the future.

Due to the fact that I cannot maintain another job because of health issues it is important that I have extra funds on hand for the rats in case of emergency.

Different rats have different fees based upon three factors including the type of rat, the temperament and health of the line, and the age of the rat. These will vary as I see fit and can raise and lower depending on how much I have saved for rat care. 

Of course the other reason adoption fees are in place is to be sure that my rats go to pet homes and to be sure that adopters have the financial means to take care of these rats.

I want all adopters to know that I too wish that I could adopt out my rats for free or for a lesser fee but at this time it is not possible. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but I do hope that all will be able to understand these circumstances and why these adoption fees are necessary.

If you have further questions on adoption fees please feel free to message me and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Thanks to all the adopters again for their support of the rats here at the Rat Emporium, your contributions to the rattery are greatly appreciated. <3 

Visited True North Rattery Today!

As many of you know I am working with TNR on a few different lines including marble and silvermanes! I went to visit to see their new litter of babies today and took some adorable pictures! 

Our little silver agouti girl went to her new home today!

Going to miss this sweet little girl like crazy ❤️


Lil silver agouti marten baby, &nbsp;the runt of the litter

Lil silver agouti marten baby,  the runt of the litter

Thanks again to the adopters for giving their ratties such an amazing home!