Toronto rats

Rattie swap with True North Rattery!

black eyed marten dumbo rex rat

Off to TNR

This little girl was picked up today!

This little one is going to be a breeder at True North Rattery! She is a black eyed marten dumbo rex, with berkshire markings. Combined with TNR's marbles and my Martens (originally from PPP [Pixie's Pocket Pets]) we are hoping to produce some marble martens within the year! Very excited! 

An update on Metron and Trigonometry's litter!

Babies were born to Metron (a cinnamon variegated standard girl) and Trigonometry (a cinnamon variegated standard boy) on July 25, 2017! 

I am expecting cinnamon and black DU babies <3

These little ones will likely be available for reservation in around 2-3 weeks time.

More photos of these babies can be seen here:

El Fog is looking for a new home

Our big boy El Fog is looking for a new home again! Unfortunately he did not get along too well with his new brothers and is looking for a new family. If you have rats already and are looking for a big cuddly boy to join your rattie family feel free to send me a message! 

Some photos of Duncan and Cyclone's litter!

The other day I received a message from a lovely person who had come to home two of the babies from Duncan and Cyclone's first litter. I was so excited to hear from them and they had the generosity to send me a few photos of the babies (all grown up now!) and they brought back so many good memories. 

Thank you to the adopter and here are the photos:

bristle/rex rats
bristle/rex rat
wrestling time!

wrestling time!

The BE marten and black variegated boy have found their new home!

The boys took an exciting outdoorsy trip to their new home just yesterday! Thank you to the adopter for giving these little ones a fantastic forever home. 

Lounging in their carrier

Lounging in their carrier

Curious bub!

Curious bub!

Sleepy baby

Sleepy baby