My Rats ❤️

Just some updated pictures of my rats from a photoshoot the other day! :D

Crisp, my cinnamon boy

Pippin, my mink dumbo velveteen girl

Daze, my black eyed marten dumbo velveteen girl

Eli, my mink downunder dumbo boy

Otto, my black marble dumbo boy

Trace, my agouti silvermane dumbo boy

Casper, my black silvermane dumbo boy

Pogo, my black eyed marten dumbo boy

Dandan, my black eyed siamese dumbo boy

Truffle, my sable dumbo boy

New Year Thanks and Resolutions

Thank you to all who have supported my rattery in the past year.

A new year has passed and I am so overwhelmingly happy to announce that the rattery is still up and running as, with all of my health issues and hospitalizations over this year, this would be impossible without the everlasting help of my family and friends. 

I would like to start my New Years off by thanking everyone that has helped me with the rat room, you know who you are <3 To those who have helped me with photoshoots I'd also like to thank you, and to everyone who has supported our little rattery and helped us improve the rat species by adopting rats from the Rat Emporium Toronto, thank you so much.

Thank you for your donations, your support, and your love for these little critters. I couldn't have asked for better people to surround myself with, people that are so caring for not only the little ratties but for myself personally. I'd like to thank all of my adopters that have also been supporting my blog and accounts that speak about my personal illness ❤️ I see you all. Thank you to Sousanna, a non-adopter, who donated to my rattery to help out elderly rats this year.

Thank you to all of my non-adopters that I have not met yet that have been active on my pages, and thank you to non-adopters and adopters alike that have been sending me questions and updates all throughout 2017. You have made huge differences here in my rattery.

I'd like to thank two ratteries, and mention a third.

First, who I would consider my "partner rattery", True North Rattery, for the amazing rats I have adopted from you this year. They have brought beautiful ratties with astonishing personalities into this world, and made many adopters very happy. I'd also like to thank you for your support over all of the years we have been breeding, and for being a great friend as well as a partner in rattie work.

Secondly I'd like to thank Rambling Rats. I've only started talking with you this year and you have already helped my rattery out so much with your support, and I am starting the new year out with many rats from your rattery that I am so excited to work with. You have helped me bring beautiful varieties into my rattery, and again I thank you for your trust in me. I hope I prove a good breeding partner and friend in the new year. 

Thirdly I'd like to congratulate Hylian Rattery on their startup this year. You have two of my rats for breeding, as well as rats from True North Rattery and Rambling Rats to start your rattery, and you have truly prepared and studied thoroughly to make sure that your breeding practices in the future will be fantastic. I am so excited to see where your rattery goes! 

My Resolutions for the New Year

  1. As always, I would like to focus on spending time with my ratties and really getting to know them. I am always working with pets, taking pictures of them, watermarking, uploading, commenting, working on the website, thinking about the technicalities of pairings, considering adopters and which rats will stay at the rattery after a series of temperament tests and genetic history. Every year, I make a resolution to step back from it all. A resolution to spend time with my pets without my camera out, with my laptop closed, just spend time one on one with them and appreciate them and their little personalities for who they are. 
  2. I am excited to announce the arrival of 3 female dwarves, 1 male dwarf, and 1 silver agouti harley carrying girl from Rambling Rats into my rattery. I will be picking them up either today or in the next three days, and am excited to start working with dwarves more in the new year. I am also considering bringing out harley, as well as bringing in Burmese as a new variety. For now though, I resolve to begin a "dwarf project" and start breeding friendly, happy and healthy little dwarves to have up for adoption ❤️
  3. To make the softest and laziest rats in the world. Through many pairings, in the new year I aim to bring you the softest and laziest rats in existence. They are going to be cute, and soft, and cuddly, and kissy, and lazy, and everyone is going to love them. Just saying. ;)