marten dumbo

An update on Pippin and El Mist's litter!

Babies were born to Pippin (a mink dumbo berkshire girl) and El Mist (a BE marten dumbo boy) while I was away on July 16, 2017! When I got back they were just about to open their eyes. 

Little ones from this litter will be available for reservation in around 2-3 weeks time!

In this litter we have: 
RET02601 - male black dumbo, self
RET02602 - male black dumbo rex, berkshire
RET02603 - male black dumbo, berkshire
RET02604 - male BE marten dumbo, unmarked
RET02605 - male black dumbo, berkshire
RET02606 - male black dumbo, berkshire
RET02607 - male RE marten dumbo, berkshire
RET02608 - male black dumbo rex, self

RET02609 - female BE marten dumbo rex, berkshire
RET02610 - female BE marten dumbo rex, berkshire
RET02611 - female black dumbo rex, berkshire
RET02612 - female black dumbo, berkshire
RET02613 - female RE marten, unmarked
RET02614 - female black dumbo, berkshire

Note that these babies are not yet available for reservation, please follow this link to see currently available rats:

More photos of this litter can be seen here:

El Fog is looking for a new home

Our big boy El Fog is looking for a new home again! Unfortunately he did not get along too well with his new brothers and is looking for a new family. If you have rats already and are looking for a big cuddly boy to join your rattie family feel free to send me a message! 

Four boys found their new homes today!!

My himalayan boy, RE marten boy, BE marten boy and black marble boy all found their homes today. They will be joining their new brother, a sweet little black fancy rattie at their new home! They are currently living in luxury in their nice new decked out cage.

Thank you to the adopter for giving these lovely boys homes and for sending me picture updates <3 I love pictures!! 

black eyed marten dumbo rat
red eyed marten dumbo rat, black eyed marten dumbo rat and himalayan rat
red eyed marten dumbo
black eyed marten dumbo rat

Sept. 10/16

Some pictures of my boys from today! My little bub El Mist was holding this piece of food in his mouth for 5 minutes before taking a nibble, just carrying it around and showing it to his friends!

My himalayan baby boy is now available for adoption!