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More pictures of Tavey!

Some pictures from the photoshoot I did today of Tavey, our silvermane dumbo boy.

The blue dumbo rex girl available is developing cataracts

Sadly our blue dumbo rex girl here is developing cataracts on her left eye. This does not have any further implications on her health but her eyesight is depleted! Please be aware of this is you are looking to adopt her. She is still very sweet and outgoing, just can be a little bit disoriented!! 

You can see the cataract forming in her right eye.

You can see the cataract forming in her right eye.

More information on cataracts in rats can be found here

If looking to adopt, please stay educated! 

Sept. 10/16

Some pictures of my boys from today! My little bub El Mist was holding this piece of food in his mouth for 5 minutes before taking a nibble, just carrying it around and showing it to his friends!

The BE siamese boy and silvermane boy left to their new home

Thank you to the adopter for taking these two little boys home <3

black eyed siamese dumbo rat
silvermane dumbo rat

El Fog left to his new home!

El Fog, my big black eyed marten dumbo boy, left to his new home on Friday. He was one of the sweetest boys I have ever had come into my rattery and is the perfect mix of playful and cuddly. He is the father to many rats that are staying as breeders in my rattery and his stunning personality has been passed on to all of his children. Thank you to the adopter for giving my big cuddly boy a loving home and two new friends! I will miss his little face here in the rattery <3 

Ready to head out!

Ready to head out!