A new pairing has been made!

Coffee, my BE marten dumbo girl, has been paired with Daniel, my BE siamese dumbo boy.

I am expecting BE marten and siamese dumbo babies from this litter, all standard size. 

This post has been sent out to all that are on my messaging list. If you would like to receive messages with litter updates and availability updates please follow my steps to adoption seen here:

To see all currently available rats, follow the link here:


Rat Emporium Toronto · Rat Breeder · Adopt Pet Rats 

Breeding Plans

With the current amount of adoptables all pairings are on pause!

If you are looking to adopt pet rats within this month (the month of July) please check out my currently available rats. If you would like to be put on the waiting list for future litters please be aware that the earliest litter would be arriving in early August (at the soonest) and new babies will not be available for adoption until late August/early September.

My next planned pairings are between Beans and Arctic as well as Hebrides and Psych.