Daze, the official start of my lazy line.

I have 6 gens recorded in Daze's history, with her parents and grandparents being from The Rat Emporium Toronto, Toronto Dumbo Rats and Pixie's Pocket pets. 

She has quickly become my heart rattie, and is an amazing combination of all the traits I have been looking for since day 1 when I started breeding. Her great-great-great-grandfather on her mom's side was Duncan, my first heart rattie. He was an absolute sweetheart with beautiful conformation. On her dad's side her grandfather is El Mist, who was the first truly lazy rat to come to my rattery. 

If her traits pass on and my plans continue as I hope they will, she will be the beginning of an extremely lazy line of lap rats that will be great for children and people with disabilities like myself that are looking for a low maintenance pet that loves to be held and just sits still most of the time!

All this being said, here she is at possibly her most active on my lap!

I am so excited to see her grow and her personality develop even further. She will certainly be one of my future breeder girls here.