An appreciation post for El Mist who has been reserved!

This boy is one of the sweetest, most handsome ratites to ever grace my rattery. He is a big, cushy boy who loves to just cuddle. He is a rare rattie because he hardly wants to do anything but plunk down on your lap and get face pets. He is a big potato, doesn't pay any mind to anything, just clunks around and hunkers down wherever he pleases.

Storytime: Once I had El Mist out in my room with all the other boys. He lay down beside my friend Steph and while all the other boys explored my room, he just hung out. We took out treats and all the boys were clambering into our laps and reaching for them, while Mist rolled over onto his side and pawed the air, waiting for the treat to come for him. We literally either had to put his treats into his hand or his mouth, he is the laziest rat I have ever seen. I doubt he will be able to ever be trained to do tricks because he is so lazy XD The picture of him on his side getting a treat is shown above! 

Unfortunately, after a few pairings, he no longer gets along with other male rats. This boy prefers to be alone, which has been discovered after many attempts at trying to introduce him to other boys in different methods.

With this information, I was ecstatic when someone with spayed females asked to bring him home. I can only imagine how happy he is going to be when he is introduced to his new cage mates!

I am going to miss this boy so much, so, to the adopter, promise to send me a million pictures and videos of him! ;) 

Black marten
Black eyes
Standard fur
Dumbo ears

From the Umbra x El Fog litter - RET01804

Born April 6, 2016

See additional pictures here and here and here and here and baby pictures can be seen here.

Videos can be seen here and here (full video of the first) and here and here and him as a wee babe can be seen here.

Below you see, on a scale of 1-10, how playful, cuddly, adventurous, mischievous, affectionate, lazy or hyper I find this rat to be.

About This Rat

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