The new litter and the new pairing!

Karla and Trace's litter 

Karla's litter is full of a range of personalities already and is super sweet! They are already so independent. Being a small litter Karla has been doing a bit of over grooming on these pups, thus why their whiskers look a bit short, but they are also super plump and extremely healthy from the abundance of attention! 

I am so excited to have four little pups, each of a different colour! Such a cute litter!

More pictures and videos soon to come I am hoping. I will be taking a bit longer to decide who will become available from this litter, so for those of you looking to adopt I am thinking that two pups will be available late January. As the litter was so small and I am keeping two of the bebes, I have already made another pairing! 

Casper and Pippin have been paired!

black masked silvermane dumbo and mink dumbo velveteen rats - born and raised at the Rat Emporium Toronto - pet rat breeder

This may be one of the most exciting pairings I have ever made. Casper and Pippin (from True North Rattery) are two of the most temperamentally sound and amazing rats I have ever had in my rattery <3 Both of them are constantly craving attention, and have such laid back and relaxed personalities. I am expecting one of the most attentive litters I have ever had, kissy and confident babies, and a bonus is that their fur will be some of the softest fur a rat could have <3

With the combination of silvermane fur, which makes a rat's fur much softer than the average, and velveteen, which makes a rat's fur wavy and soft as well, these little babies will be little lambs, and will have extremely soft curly fur! 

Pippin was just moved to the nursing bin today, so I am expecting for her babies to be born within the next week and a half, and to have babies available by the end of January as well!

As always I want to thank everyone on the messaging list for their patience, and I hope to have a bunch of adorable, perfect little rattie babies available in the new year. ❤️

Wishing a happy holiday season to you and your loved ones