Rats and the Winter

Wintertime is here and it is time for a yearly reminder to keep your rats at a proper temperature!  I know the snow is beautiful and  we may love to bundle up and go play in the snow,  but our rattie friends would prefer to stay inside.  Please,  no matter how tempting,  do not bring your rats outside and into the snow.  It is dangerous for their body temperatures to drop drastically and unlike us they cannot just let themselves back inside or put on another jacket to keep themselves cozy.  Let's stay inside and play inside with our little rattie friends.  

Be sure to also have your cage in a place that isn't too cold or too hot.  Keep your cages an appropriate distance from windows and heaters/radiators to keep everyone happy and healthy.  

Thank you all for being responsible rat owners and giving your rats the care they need. <3  

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