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Rescue ratties available for adoption!

An oops litter situation has arisen! 
Our friend Marni brought home a lovely female rat from a feeder bin, and was surprised with a litter of little babies! 
These rats have been hand raised and are very sweet. At 5 weeks of age they are looking for homes as soon as possible! Marni is located in Hamilton, and could deliver to Oakville, Burlington or Mississauga. 
If you have room in your home for these sweet babies please contact me and I will put you in contact with Marni.

There are currently 6 female pew (pink eyed white) babies available, and 2 males, one a black hooded boy and the other a black berkshire. They are all top eared.

female pew girls - 2 out of 6

female pew girls - 2 out of 6

black berkshire boy

black berkshire boy

black hooded boy

black hooded boy

Gus and Tickle - Two Available Boys - Jan. 3/17

Gus and Tickle


These two boys must be adopted together. Their adoption fee will be $50, to be brought to the previous adopter at time of pickup. For an extra $30 they will come with the All Living Things Rat Starter Kit and a transportation bag!! 

From the adopter:

"Our human named us Gus (champagne boy) and Tickle (beach blue boy). We were born on October 29th and came to our current home on December 4th. Unfortunately for us, she is awaiting her own baby human and needs to find us a new home... We are two lovely boys, very well mannered and happy. When we are not too overexcited, cuddles are our favorite thing. Nothing's better than a good smoosh from our human! We mainly eat Adult Rat Food from Oxbow but our human often goes wild and gives us fresh fruits and veggies -we are not too fond of carrots, it tends to make us sick to our stomach, but broccoli is a big favorite! We are also crazy about sunflower seeds... if we could only eat sunflower seeds, we'd be over the moon but our human says it is not the best diet for our health. We love our cage and are glad we won't have to let go of it; but we also love to run free in the living room. Sometimes, she makes us some homemade hanging toys with cardboard or covers, and we love it... but we also love to destroy them -isn't the best part of it? She took us a few times to the vet. First for a routine, where the doc' said we were very healthy and vivid rats. Second time was not that fun, my brother Gus had a mild pulmonary infection. But he got better with a treatment. He never lost his sneezing though, but doc didn't seem to be worried when we went back. It's his thing. He likes to sneeze in your face once in a while. Other than that, I think we are pretty amazing guys. And let's face it, we are overly cute, the ladies all say it ! "


Hey ! I'm the human... I'm really sad I have to find a new home for my babies but my health and my baby-to-come's health are apparently at stake because of my bad immune system... I don't want to take any risk and would like to find a lovely home for my boys as soon as possible. Their cage would come with them, as well as food if I have any left. I can give more info to a possible new adopter if needed. I'm gonna miss those boys and hope I will find them the best home possible ! Thanks !!!


From the Rat Emporium:

These two boys were adopted from Cyborg and Nilo's litter! Baby pictures can be found here. They have been treated with Revolution to prevent external and internal parasites. 

Their adopter has taken fantastic care of these baby boys and now they are looking for their new forever home.

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