taking your rats on trips

Taking your rats on trips

Daniel,  Knives and I headed up to the cottage today! I think taking your rats on trips is an excellent idea as long as your travel and destination are rat safe. Obviously the first step to taking your rats on a trip is packing! Be sure to pack :

If you are trying to decide whether your trip is safe for rats, consider the following :

1. Will the temperature be consistent? Wavering temperatures or extreme heat and cold can stress a little rattie!  

2. Will those you are travelling with understand your rats? Make sure everyone knows how to handle them! 

3. Will your activities be rat safe? 

4. Will this be something your rats will ultimately enjoy?  

Most rats love seeing new environments,  all the new smells and places to explore are a great experience! However if you know that your rats are naturally stressed,   nervous or jumpy it may be best that they stay home or with a friend. Make sure that they are confident in vehicles and new places before bringing them on a large trip! 

 *note: if you are staying in a rental area,  scout the rooms for any ant or rat poison that could have been layed out before you arrived.