Karla is pregnant!

My friend Theresa was cleaning the rat room the other day, and Karla is now pregnant!
Karla [female black dumbo] and Trace [male silvermane agouti dumbo] were paired just a couple of weeks ago, before I was in the hospital. I think the litter will be born while I am still here, I am looking forward to seeing the videos of the babies that my friends will send me <3

Karla, my black dumbo rat, is pregnant! Babies soon! :D Born and raised at Rat Emporium Toronto - breeder - adopt pet rats

Hehe pardon the picture, we were trying figure out if she was pregnant or not so I needed a clear belly pic! :D Look how lovely and round she is! She is going to be such a great mum. 

I am expecting confident, explorative, kissy babies from this litter! 

So excited!