BASKET DIVING! A great addition to your rat cage! :D

I recently stopped by Dollarama and Staples and put together a fun little toy to add to my rat cages! Since I own solely double cages for my adults, CNs and All Living Things Multi-Level Cage, Their cages are decked out completely in fleece because I have been finding this the cleanest and most efficient bedding for my rattery with daily cleans. As I am just using fleece, I often take the ratties out and put them in a bin full of aspen with treats and food hidden all through the bedding to take them aspen diving!

I felt like they would love to aspen dive in their cage, but all bins that I could find up until now either didn't have the structure to climb, or had bars with wide spacing that wouldn't keep the aspen in. These dollarama garbage bins have been perfect for keeping the aspen in the bin and still allowing your rattie bebes to dive and comb through the wood chips! They loooove it! 

If you are looking for materials to make a rattie diving bin, they are super cheap. If you want to make it a one stop shop, I have links to both items from staples below but the garbage bins are cheaper at dollarama! Dollarama doesn't have a website so just pop by one!

Enjoy happy rattie play time! Some ideas of things to hide in the bedding:
- Peas
- Carrot shreds
- Sunflower seeds
- Shaved Almonds

If you are looking for different treats for your rats, please google whatever you're feeding them before giving it to them to make sure it is safe!