A huge thank you to Sousanna

I just wanted to write a post dedicated to Sousanna, someone who reached out to me on rat care a while ago and most recently offered a donation towards the care of some of my older rats. Sousanna's first rats were rescues that she brought in from a terrible situation, and she reached out to me to chat about them. With her second rescues, unfortunately the rats were problematic and Sousanna went through a lot doing her best to help them out, but in the end their problems were too out of control. Sousanna had the biggest heart to take on these rats and went through so much with them, and she still is going out of her way to help and support rats.

I am just so astonished and thankful for the amount of love and care that Sousanna has shown to her own rats and to my rattery, and I am so happy that she could put her trust in me with her donation. It has been requested that the donation goes towards some of my elderly ratties, and it certainly will. One thought would be to put half of it in the vet fund, and use half to purchase some new soft materials for hammocks for our old boys and girls. I wast also thinking of possibly putting a kit together of materials for the next adopter who takes home any of my retired older ratties. I am going to put some thought into it and think of where this donation fits best to help my older ratties keep comfortable!

I was having a difficult day today, and having Sousanna reach out to me in the kindest way, looking to help out my rats, was absolutely extraordinary. 

Again, thank you so much Sousanna for all you have done and continued to do for the rats in our community. You're such a kind and giving person, and I'm sure karma will bring you back kindness and good things in turn.