BRBB - Better Rats Better Breeders

I have happily had the opportunity to help develop a new page on rats called BRBB - Better Rats Better Breeders. I have been working on their All About Rats page, which is an extension of my own All About Rats page with less personal notes of course! 

The BRBB, is a group of dedicated breeders, who are breeding to better the Fancy rat as a whole. They take into consideration that Longevity, Health, and Temperament are key components to having a superior animal that will make an amazing pet, breeding or even show prospect.

The BRBB strives to make conformational correct animals that are pleasing to the eye to look at, but also puppy dog sweet, intelligent and super healthy.

All breeders registered with us, are improving each generation with the next born litter. Taking time to consider both Dam and Sire to ensure that born pups surpass the previous generation.

Our breeders are diverse in where they are located and what they specialize in. BRBB believes that a breeder should focus on as few genetic lines as possible in order to help bring the best out of that said line.

I have been more than impressed with their new rat varieties page, and will be making this page an extension from my website to help people identify different kinds of rats as well as their markings, fur types, and more. 

Thank you to all the members that have been working so hard on this page continuously, making the varieties page, taking professional photos, and just overall maintaining the site. I am very excited to see where this will go.