Rat Group Toronto

If you are looking for a rat group to post pictures of your pet rats, learn about pet rats, and find a list of trusted vets, rescues, shelters and breeders in Toronto and the GTA, then our rat group is the place to be!

Our group rules are as follows: 


Looking to adopt pet rats in Toronto? Follow this link:

If you are looking to learn all about pet rats (health, behaviour, requirements), please follow this link:

If you are looking for a good rat vet in your area, please follow this link:

Group rules:
1. Let's not be mean. Posts that insult other members or non-members will be deleted.
2. Stay educated and open minded. Please give knowledgeable advice, and back up your advice with evidence. Advice that may lead pet owners astray will be deleted.
3. This group is for PET rat owners. Keep it to the pet side.

These are the only three rules! This group is an open group to ask advice on all topics, post cute pictures, advertise rats, etc. Anything rat related is welcome.

Please note that you must stay educated as an individual when it comes down to your rat's health and to where you adopt from. Please do your research on all topics!

We have a member count of over 200 rattie owners and fans recently! :D A collage of some of our contributing members' rats has been made:

We're all excited to see your posts! :D Message with any questions

We're all excited to see your posts! :D Message with any questions