Daniel - my black eyed siamese boy

Daniel - black eyed siamese dumbo rat- born and raised at the Rat Emporium Toronto - rat breeder Toronto Ontario Canada

So, as the update states, my big boy Daniel is looking for a new home with two of the boys from Kitten x Daniel's litter. This litter is not yet available for reservation, however I would like to grant Daniel's adopter the first pick of the litter*.

If you have room in your house and heart to take in 3 ratties, two boys and their old man, please send me a message! At this time Daniel is first come first reserve (Nov. 2/17)

If Daniel is not reserved with two of his babies at this time, two boys from the litter will be held back to be adopted with him when I put babies up for adoption as these are the only boys he gets along with in the rattery at this point, and I would prefer he goes to a home with two babies because of their differences in age! 

*Adopters can reserve two babies as their first pick of the litter. 
*The adopter must reply in 24 hours of being notified babies are available to choose their pick of the litter.

Dan is a travelled rattie and has been all the way up to an island on Georgian Bay and back! He was struggling with some porphyrin in one eye in Sept and was given some baytril to clear that up, but otherwise his health has been very clear! 

He is absolutely comedic and always looks like he has a little smile on his face <3 

Daniel's updates are very important to my rattery! If you do take Daniel home with you I would love frequent updates on his health and temperament <3