I tend to make a few posts consistently every few months apologizing for being late on messages or not being able to work on adoptions, read through questionnaires, take or post pics, etc. 

I hope that my website is built in a way that everyone will be able to find the information they need easily without having to reach out to me for direction and am adding to my All About Rats page constantly to try and help out when I am away from my keyboard.

With this being said, there is such a broad range of questions that people could have to ask, so many scenarios people are in that need to be explained to find an answer, so much information to read through on my page and others, conflicting information everywhere, so,

 ❤️ "BOTHER" ME!!! ❤️

No single page can hold all the answers. 

👌🏼 If you have a question that you just can't seem to find the answer to, send me a message!! 👌🏼
👌🏼 If you have an urgent situation and need advice, feel free to call me at the number on my contact page! 👌🏼
👌🏼 If you have cute pictures that are definitely not getting enough attention, message me and tell me how cute they are! 👌🏼 
👌🏼 If I'm not getting back to you in time, on absolutely any message, feel free to send me a second message or a duplicate to remind me 👌🏼

I love talking rats!! I hope that every adopter feels they have the right to "bother me" to every extent. Keep sending those messages, making those phone calls, finding out everything you need to know about ratties. 

Here's to the researchers, the picture takers, the care takers of the rat world. 💕

Send me your smart questions, your dumb questions, your pointless questions and call me with your urgent ones! Ask for answers until you're completely assured and certain of the answers. Never be shy! 

Question your pet related actions daily. Keep researching and you will keep learning! It has been a long time since I started looking into rat care, and I certainly don't know everything yet, and never will because new information keeps developing! As people with pets, our work is never done so keep up the good work and please, keep on messaging! 

Hope this post puts some at ease, and urges some to send off some questions they've been holding back! 

Love you all 💕❤️ 
Syd 🐀