A Big Change - A Hiatus from Breeding

Hello everyone!

This is really difficult blog post for me to make and I have been procrastinating on posting for a while now, as it is to announce that I will no longer be breeding.

Due to all of the recent changes in my life since the hospital, I will no longer be breeding and adopting out litters. However do not fear! 7 of my rats have moved to True North Rattery, and Melissa, my good friend and the owner of True North Rattery, will be continuing to breed the happy, healthy and friendly rats that they always have, and that we have had here. 

True North Rattery is a longtime friend of mine, and I am so happy we were able to be breeding partners over the past years. They have the most beautiful rat room, the most excitable, loving, adorable rats, and even have cages and hammocks available for purchase at their rattery as well. 

For all of those on my messaging list and my previous adopters, I will be forwarding you to True North Rattery. I will be rehoming my rats save for 3 of my girls who will be staying with me <3

I am expecting to have around 6 babies and 10 adults available, including some dwarf ratties. 

I had paired Daze last week, so I may or may not have one final litter in one month, I will post updates on that!

Please visit True North Rattery here:


Become an adopter here:


A huge thank you to everyone who has helped me become the best breeder I could be over the years, and so much love to every adopter who has given any of my babies a loving home. I could not have had a better experience over the past 4 years, they have been a dream come true.