Cloraz - my heart rat.

Cloraz appreciation post! I love this big boy!

mink marten dumbo rat

This first picture is of little Cloraz when he was a tiny two week old baby. His eyes weren't open here, and I wasn't sure whether he was going to be a BE bebe or a RE baby. Either way, I hadn't seen his colouring before, didn't even know what to call it at the time, and I was in love. He was staying with me.

As this lil guy grew up he became gradually more hyper, and was the most destructive little tornado to bless my rattery. Almost every time I had him out, he'd find a way to get into something he shouldn't or break something even though I have my rat room completely rat proofed. 

When I realized he was a little ball of mischief, I was unsure if he fit into my breeding plans and I put him up for adoption. Although I loved his little excited personality, I have mostly been breeding for lazy low key ratties and he just didn't fit the part. Unfortunately no one found his looks as beautiful or adorable as I did apparently, and he was not adopted for months and months.

mink marten dumbo rat

Over these months I obviously had a lot of time to spend with him, and interacted with him more realizing that he is the strangest and most adorable baby. He loves to be rolled onto his back to have his tummy tickled, and he is always ready to play. He loves adventures and is so quirky and sweet. He is kissy and loving and energetic, and he just became my heart rat.

He will now be a permanent resident in the rat room, and I am even thinking of pairing him some time soon. I love this boy so much and am so happy to see how he has grown up!

Anyway, missing him a ton right now as I am away from the home. I miss my baby and hopefully I am home to cuddle and play with him soon! 

Give your ratties kisses for me! 💋