The Rat Emporium Toronto has retired from breeding.

  • Two ratteries that I have personally worked with and I would recommend adopting from are True North Rattery and Rambling Rats. True North Rattery has the descendants of all of my heart rats, and has some of the most excitable puppy-like rats I’ve ever seen. They absolutely love people. Rambling Rats has some very unique breeds of ratties, and her rats are big and cuddly and sweet!

  • Two ratteries that I haven’t worked with as much but have heard great things of are Georgian Bay Rattery and Atlantis Rattery! If I had continued breeding I would have absolutely wanted to work with them, many people have adopted fantastic pets from them!

My adoption terms are shown below, at the time of adoption a form stating the conditions below must be signed.


Rat Emporium Adoption Form

These terms and conditions are entered into and agreed upon by the Rat Emporium Toronto and the Adopter and all parties acknowledge the moral and legal worth of this agreement. The animal is to be adopted as a pet solely for the Adopter and his/her immediate family.  


By signing this agreement or filling out my questionnaire the adopter understands and agrees to the following:

- The adopter has researched their new pet and their care and understand what the risks and requirements are for the new pet.

- No rat under 6 months of age will be quarantined alone.

- The pet will be fed according to a proper diet, housing will have adequate space and the pet will be given the proper amount of attention.

- All expenses including veterinary bills, food, bedding, dishes, etc. must be payed for by the adopter and will not be reimbursed by the Rat Emporium Toronto.

- The adopted pet and/or offspring will always be a pet, never used or sold as a food source.

- It is acknowledged that the new pet was in good health to the best of each parties’ knowledge. If the pet is found to be aggressive or unfriendly it may be returned within 24 hours.

- If your pet becomes physically injured or obtains an illness within these 24 hours, the adopter agrees to take the pet to a vet for proper care and treatment.

- It is agreed that if there is any reason the adopter is unable or unwilling to properly care for the animal (s) adopted, they will notify the Rat Emporium Toronto for assistance in “re-homing” their pet. The pet will not be sold via website, printed ads, pet stores, shelter or any other means without first contacting the Rat Emporium Toronto and obtaining written permission.

- If the Rat Emporium Toronto asks that any rat is returned to the rattery if the adopter can no longer take care of them, the adopter must return the rat to the Rat Emporium themselves, and no reimbursement will be paid to the adopter.

- The adopter agrees that the pet will not be re-homed by any means if it has fallen ill under the care of the adopter and has not been treated professionally to eradicate such illness.

- The pet will not be turned loose, abandoned or disposed of under any circumstances.

- The pet will not be used for breeding unless given written permission. In the case of accidental offspring the mother and her babies will be returned to the Rat Emporium Toronto until babies are weaned after which the mother will be returned to the adopter.


All parties recognize this contract as legally binding, any statements spoken or implied apart from this contract are superseded by this contract. If any of these statements on this form are found to be not true, the adopted animal may be confiscated.