Pet Valu.

Below are the only cages from Pet Valu that are appropriate for rats.

On this page, I will be doing my best to include every pet and rat cage there is to purchase, and whether or not I feel as though it is acceptable for rats and up to standards. 

I am aware that some breeders have different cage requirements for their rats and that opinions may differ from breeder to breeder, but these are my opinions on the cages and whether or not rats would be happy and healthy living in them.

Below are all the cages from Pet Valu that are inappropriate for rats.

Please note that some of these cages may still make decent carriers for ratties when you are moving them from place to place, or cleaning your main cage. None of the wheels in these cages are appropriate for rats and can be dangerous for them. If you are to use one of these as a carrier, please remove the wheel first.